Moving into a home together for the first time can bring with it a variety of pieces, each representing a couple’s unique style at the time. For the Smith’s, after living twenty years together with a blend of not only what they each originally brought, but also a mix of contemporary furniture purchased along the way, it was time to incorporate a new up-to-date home bringing together both their preferences into a shared style.

A key focal point for the Smith home was their unique family photo montage in the living room.  Even though this collection had been part of the home decor for many years, by carefully choosing which photos and frames would be the style indicators, reframing, resizing, and rehanging, this traditional item was able to blend with their new updated look and feel.

Open communication and great feedback fuels a successful relationship between the designer and its client during a renovation project.  The Smith’s highlighted Debra’s ability to narrow a set of options while recommending new ideas based on previous preferences.  This intimacy in decision-making occurred at all levels, from the furniture selection, carpet selection, color and paint selection, window treatments, and even extended to budgeting, planning, and preparing for the project.

Since the Smith’s were always traveling, re-modeling and re-designing decisions had to be broken down into manageable tasks through email and phone, but face-face appointments were still made when possible and deadlines were still met.

“Our home now really reflects our personalities and truly feels like us. The layout is more comfortable and the space seems brighter and warmer (which is important to us).  We spend more time in the living room, sun room and dining room than we had previously and are very much enjoying our overall results!” – Geri Smith