Wishing to add a personal touch to her conventional home, Marie Lowe was ready to trade the old-fashioned sentiments of her traditional home for newer, brighter vibes.  By eliminating her “formal rooms”, Marie transformed those spaces into “every day rooms” creating more usable space for her family to enjoy.

In the beginning Marie was a bit overwhelmed by the number of ideas and options for reinventing her home. Her goal was to add personal style to her home while bringing together a variety of options.  Debra Lellbach not only helped Marie play up the lighting and furniture layout of the entire home, creating a more cohesive and open space, but also created a signature style for each room through the use of color and detail.

“I had a lot of ideas and had definite opinions of what I liked and disliked. But I needed help trying to make my ideas cohesive and complementary.” – Marie Lowe

Working together as a team was essential when making daunting decisions, like choosing the right backsplash tile, hardwood flooring stain design, paint selection, and cabinet hardware. A well-balanced collaboration from Debra and Marie made the renovation process a worry-free and speedy experience.

“Debra’s expertise allowed me to feel safe to think outside standard or conventional design, and make design choices that were unique and sophisticated.” – Marie Lowe