It’s back!  Along with a whole host of “Mid-Century Modern” design styles, furniture and materials. Yes ,Wilson Art’s “Boomerang” laminate, freshly colored for today’s interiors. While at the 2014 KBIS Show, Wilson Art proudly displayed their beautiful stone laminates, I am over the moon with the “Boomerang”.

2014 Style Boomerang

2014 Style Boomerang

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for this pattern. It was the material on my parent’s kitchen counter top…the first one I remember. My folks had built their home in the early 60’s and I thought the boomerang was new, cool & hip- just like my parents! The pink pattern was the BEST!

Boomerang Laminate 60's style

Boomerang Laminate 60’s style

My first opportunity to specify “Boomerang” in my career was in the early 80’s. Wilson Art had re-colored the  Boomerang. The coloration was light charcoal background, with dark grey, light grey & violet boomerangs. I specified this for an office breakroom countertop. The breakroom was decked out with Knoll Bertoia Chairs & the Boomerangs! Awesome!

1980's Boomerang colors

1980’s Boomerang colors

The classic has Boomeranged back & I AM THRILLED! First words out of my mouth when I saw it was…room“I have to use this in our laundry room !” As often happens in our home, it will take Doug (my husband) awhile to warm up to my idea. But, the boomerangs will WIN and be WAY COOL!

Are you a boomerang lover, too?