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Client Feedback

Deb has great taste, trusts the process, and is willing to take the time necessary to get to know her client’s lifestyle and decorating preferences. I kept wanting to speed the process up and Deb exerted the perfect balance to suggest ‘living’ with the fabric selections for a while, or viewing the paint swatches several times throughout the day/evening to get a sense of how lighting would affect the colors.

I so looked forward to our decorating time together as I’d learn a lot from her and come away convinced that we were making the right decisions. Not once did I ever feel that Deb was talking me into or out of some decision – it was truly a collaborative process. Plus she managed my husband beautifully throughout!” — Sheila Sarovich, Naperville

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I can honestly say that our home now really reflects our personalities and truly feels like us.  The layout is more comfortable and the space seems brighter and warmer (which is important to us).  We spend more time in the living room, sun room and dining room than we had previously and are very much enjoying our overall results!

Debra has boundless energy and ideas and she’s a lot of fun!  I felt that we collaborated very well – which was very important to me.  Debra really listened to our feedback and incorporated that feedback into our planning.  If either my husband or I didn’t particularly care for something (even if the other did), she was always looking for a better option to ensure that we were both delighted with our result.

I most appreciate Debra’s ability to listen and collaborate – to incorporate our thoughts, ideas, likes, etc., with hers into an amazing and tangible result.  Not many designers can do that so well and so kindly.  Our result truly reflects us – and that is very important to us.” — Geri, Naperville 

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I really enjoyed working with Debra. She has a positive and upbeat personality that instills confidence when making choices that feel overwhelming.  Her expertise allowed me to feel safe to think outside standard or conventional design, and make design choices that were unique and sophisticated.

After working with Debra our home now has a better visual flow and connection between rooms, it is personalized to my design aesthetic, and we have increased our usable space without adding square footage.

I appreciated Debra’s ability to visualize the end result.  She was able to see the details, so that we didn’t end up having any surprises or have to make last minute stressful design choices.” — Marie Lowe, Naperville

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